I am a postdoctoral fellow at ETH Zürich, where I work with the Rycolab in the Institute for Machine Learning, Department of Computer Science. I am also an associated researcher at the ETH AI Center and a member of the ELLIS Society. Previously, I was a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam in the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation. I study language and information processing using tools from machine learning, linguistics, information theory, and cognitive science.

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It’s-a me, Mario

Born and raised in Italy, I spent three years in Germany as an undergraduate student of Computational Linguistics at the University of Tübingen and then moved to Amsterdam for a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence. During my Bachelor’s studies, I worked both as a teaching and as a research assistant for the Department of General and Computational Linguistics, and I served a five-month internship in the IBM department for social media analytics. As a Master’s student, I have collected more teaching and research experience, collaborating with an interdisciplinary set of scholars and students at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation. I graduated with a thesis on the detection and analysis of lexical semantic change. As a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, I worked in the ILLC’s Dialogue Modelling Group under the supervision of Raquel Fernández and together with many amazing colleagues—and I wrote a thesis on Neural Models of Language Use.


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The only way to predict the future is to invent it.